We are VIP Scandinavia, a premier concierge and lifestyle management company focusing on world-class entertainment and leisure services to clients visiting the Nordic countries.

With a combined experience of over 15 years in the Scandinavian service and lifestyle management sector we know exactly what, how and where to focus to ensure you get the best experience possible while staying in the Nordic countries.


For us it’s all in the details. Our services provide so much more than meeting your upscale requirements and passions. VIP Scandinavia is a way of thinking, breathing and expressing our knowledge for Nordic highend lifestyle to its fullest capacity. This is why we take great pride in getting the details just right in all our services, because they all play a part in the bigger picture.

No request is too small, no inquiry is too big, no demand is impossible. This allows us to meet any and all of your expectations in the most creative of ways.


At VIP Scandinavia we want anybody who uses our services to encounter an exceptional level of service and exclusive experience.
So for everything we do;
We believe in challenging the norm.
We believe in thinking differently.
We believe in standing out from the crowd.
We believe in delivering greatness.
We just happen to be a Scandinavian concierge that loves what we do.